Portovenere Beaches

Would you like to spend a day in Portovenere? From the accommodation “Terre di Liguria” you can, in just 5 minutes, embark directly from the Lerici pier heading for Porto Venere. This crossing is full of surprises! The free beaches on this beautiful Promontory include the beach right in front of the accommodation “Le Terrazze”, the “Olivo” one, the small beach facing the main square, the “Calata Doria” one, the various cliffs and boulders distributed along the waterfront and finally the rocks inside the “Byron Cave”. Among the private ones you will find the “Arenella” beach. Moreover, remember to visit "Le Rosse", a beautiful reddish-colored cliff with its Albana beach, which can be visited by boat from Portovenere.

On the Palmaria Island there is a free beach called “The seagull”, right in the locality of Punta Secco, while the “Pozzale” beach is on the western side of the Island. I recommend visiting “Cala Fornace”, a picturesque pebble beach, reachable only by boat, where the sea is turquoise and transparent.